Safety and Efficacy

Medical Marijuana Card Certification Centers of Arizona is a network of primary care doctors and a few specialty doctors who understand the implications of the use of cannabis as a medication and work to provide sane and holistic care, including medical marijuana when appropriate.

We understand that:

  1. Medical marijuana is one of the safest medications available. Period. There has not been a single death recorded from an overdose of cannabis. Long term use of cannabis causes no organ damage, and it has been shown that, in adults, the negative effects sometimes associated with chronic cannabis use dissipate when cannnabis intake is discontinued. This is in contrast to even acetaminophen which causes thousands of hospitalisations and kills hundreds of americans every year. (Statistics)
  2. Those avoiding their own psychological traumas can use anything that effects their mood as an avoidance mechanism (psychological addiction), including shopping, food, sugar, gambling, etc., and cannabis can be abused in this way. However, unlike opiates (eg. percocet) , benzodiazepines (eg. xanax), or alcohol (eg. Jim Beam), cannabis causes little to no physiological addiction or dangerous withdrawal. Read more about free pokies. However, as far as physiological addiction, cannabis is most likely at the level of chocolate in addictiveness.
  3. Medical marijuana can alter perception, and may cause a dissipation of motivation. However, if appropriate cautions and medical supervision are applied, this can be avoided. Also, the potential negative effects of cannabis on children under the age of 18 (Rebuttal) (Twins study) must be weighed against the severity of their condition and the effects of the medications cannabis would be replacing.
  4. Medical marijuana is an effective medication for a surprising list of conditions. In a few of these conditions, in can have a curative effect. However, with many of these conditions, cannabis is palliative. For this reason, cannabis is best administered by a physician who has a wide range of tools available for the patient, and who can evaluate the efficacy of cannabis in the context of the broader treatment plan.

If you qualify for a card and believe Medical Marijuana could help, we hope you will work with us to provide sane care and a safer alternative.


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